Will Richards

My name is William Richards, I have been tattooing since 2004. I started here in MN after I moved from Colorado. I have lived all across the nation growing up on Military bases, moving every three years as an Army brat my entire childhood. My Father was active duty for 20+ years so art quickly became my passion as it was a challenge for me to start over constantly. Not graduating high school, not having many options and once again being in a new environment, I again turned to art. This led me to Tattooing and being a part of a culture that spoke to me, as we are all in some way or another from the island of misfits. I never would have imagined the ability to make a living tattooing, or honesty anything that I would truly enjoy and have a passion for. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me, and don’t forget to check out my work.

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