For all minors looking for piercing services, please call the shop for details.

Body Art Beyond Tattoos

Since 2006, Canvas Tattoo & Piercing Studio has provided clients with body piercing services from experienced body modification artists. Whether you want a simple belly button piercing or a complicated dermal anchor, we can make it happen!

We accept walk-in clients at our shop in Prior Lake, MN. Our studio in Eden Prairie requires scheduled appointments for piercings. Call us to learn more about the availability of our piercers and schedule a consultation or appointment.

Prior Lake ear peircing
Prior Lake Nose peircing

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Our Prior Lake location offers piercings through walk-ins only by Derek Winski

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Our Eden Prairie location offers piercings through appointments only by Nick Bauerfeld

Tooth Gems

The Canvas Tattoo Studio Prior Lake will now be offering tooth gem services done by Raijael, Tuesday-Thusday during our normal shop hours, 12-8pm!

One Gem (basic only) - $30
Two Gems (basic only) - $50 *Any additional basic gem is + $15
Butterfly - $100
Gold and Silver custom gem prices vary
Tooth gems

Before Getting a Piercing

Do not consume alcohol the day before your appointment.
Eat a full meal before getting pierced.
Hydration is key. Drink plenty of water 24 hours before and after your appointment.
Wear loose-fitting clothes.
Wash and have the desired area prepped for piercing.
Do not shave the area—we’ll handle that for you!

Body Modification at Its Finest

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