Turning Bodies Into Works of Art
Delve into the world of body modifications with us! We have talented piercers and tattoo artists at your service.

Express Yourself With Ink
Tell the world your story through artful masterpieces on your skin. Work with artists who do their craft with passion and precision.

Your Body Is a Canvas. Let’s Fill It With Art.

Jerome “JJ” James started Canvas Tattoo & Piercing Studio in July 2005, making it the first tattoo shop to open within the city limits of Prior Lake, MN. In 2008, he teamed up with his brother Leroy Jones and opened a second studio in Eden Prairie. It was also the city’s first local tattoo shop.

JJ saw that locals had stereotyped people with tattoos as bad people. He wanted to shift their perspective and highlight the artistry and expression behind creating and getting tattoos. In reality, people get tattooed for different reasons. Whether it’s to memorialize a late loved one or celebrate overcoming a rough patch, getting inked is simply a way to express oneself.

Now, JJ runs two tattoo and piercing shops with rosters of gifted tattoo artists. From black and gray biomechanical art to portraits and full-color pieces, our artists are masters of diverse styles and custom designs. We also have body piercing artists specializing in both simple and complicated piercings.

We keep a clean and comfortable environment with friendly and inviting staff, giving you the feeling of home. Our team takes great pride in maintaining high service standards and ensuring that each client enjoys a relaxing experience.

Get Pierced or Inked!

Whether you’re new to this world or a veteran we’re always ready to execute your ideas. Drop by our shop in Eden Prairie or Prior Lake, MN, to consult with a piercer or tattoo artist whose work you admire.

What We Offer

customs tattoo

Custom Tattoos

Get inked with masterfully executed designs from some of the best local tattoo artists. No matter your preferred style, we can bring your ideas to life.
Piercing Services

Piercing Services

From straightforward piercings to complicated body mods, our experienced artists will help you achieve the look you want.
aftercare services

Aftercare Services

Caring for your fresh tattoo or piercing will ensure its longevity. We’re here to provide you with all the assistance you’ll need.

We offer a 10% discount on all services, if you have served or actively serve in our EMT, Fire, Police, or Military Branches.


My experience with Canvas was incredible. First, I went in and had a consultation with Joshua for a tattoo and then got my nose pierced by Nick. Both guys were incredibly professional and fun. They could tell I was a little nervous and took such great care of me. A few weeks later I went in for my tattoos with Joshua. These were my first tattoos ever and I was nervous. Joshua was very calming and made me feel so confident. The process was awesome and I am so grateful that this was my first experience getting a tattoo. Now I can't wait to get another one! Also, the guy at reception was so welcoming and kind. He took such good care of me and checked on me several times. I can't wait to go back for more tattoos!

Sidney G.

Nick has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He did my vertical philtrum (jestrum), snakebites, high nostrils, and bridge.

He's has a very calming presence that makes the experience easy, and he's very knowledgeable. He also is quite fast at responding to emails if you have concerns.

Not only is he good during the actual piercing experience, but all my piercings from him are continuing to heal well. I got the jestrum and high nostrils in September 2021 and the bridge and snakebites in February 2022. I am also very impressed that he was able to pierce my bridge because I don't have the best anatomy (I don't have a lot of pierceable tissue there).

He'll tell you to come back to downsize your piercings--LISTEN TO HIM. It's so important to have properly fitting jewelry in your piercings. The extra length can cause irritation because it can wiggle around.

Overall fantastic! Thanks, Nick! ☺️

Mackenzie F.

Wonderful experience. Clean, great customer service, and so supportive. We had my daughter pierced at a different shop. That shop closed down, I didn't know what to do!!!! Canvas helped us with what we needed!! I am so thankful for them!!!! You must make an appointment, but that creates a nice and calm atmosphere. I would go there again!!!!

Amanda S.

The only tattoo place I've went to since moving here. Clean sanitary. Employee are very informative & creative. My daughter had her ears and nose pierced and was very comfortable. Make sure you have Id's needed for services.

Suzanne M.

First time at this shop, I was interested in getting a Medusa piercing. After searching for a shop that does piercing work, I read the reviews, and decided to come here. Derek did my piercing, super professional, and most importantly the shop was clean. I do love the old horror movie collection that was displayed in the room! Highly recommend this place!

Andrea A.

LOVE. Derek was so fun and very personable, he made us very comfortable and laugh even though we were nervous. I will be going back for more piercings for sure, would 100% recommend.

Maryn A.

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