You must be 18 years of age for any tattoo services.

Where Creativity Comes to Life

Canvas Tattoo & Piercing Studio is home to a roster of exceptionally talented and award-winning tattoo artists who specialize in a variety of styles including, but not limited to:
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New School

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Black and Gray

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Full Color

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We do 100% custom tattoos, and you can collaborate with your chosen artist to create designs that bring your unique ideas to life. Contact us for tattooing services, consultations, and appointments.

Our Process

Call to schedule consultation
Bring reference materials/ideas to the consultation
Once the idea is finalized, a deposit is required and the tattoo date will be scheduled. All deposits are non-refundable but are deducted from the final price of the tattoo

Before Getting a Tattoo

Do not drink alcohol the day before your appointment.
Have a full meal before the session.
Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your session.
Wear loose and breathable clothing.
Proper Hygiene is important.

Your Skin, Our Passion

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