Erin Mathews

Hello my name is Erin Mathews and one of the first trans tattoo artists in Minnesota!
I’ve been tattooing for over a decade, I got my start at Defiant tattoo.

I started as an under study and had to learn some drawing techniques that I’ve applied to my tattooing skills.

I’ve had the experience to work at a few other tattoo shops while working under some good tattoo artists, also picking up some good techniques as I progressed into my field.

I am mainly a realism tattoo artist and I am proficient at a few other styles as well.

As of right now I’ve been able to receive a position with this family here at The Canvas Tattoo shop in Prior Lake MN!

Also working with a few other great artists and a great piercer on site.

I am building a good clientele and circle while working here, I will continue my learning while tattooing for all the amazing people I’ve had the chance to meet while working here at The Canvas tattoo shop!

Come check out shop and let’s see about getting you some body art and/or a piercing or two!

Have a great day and I hope to see you soon at the shop to get you some beautiful body art!

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