What tattoo styles do you offer? Canvas Tattoo Studio offers a wide range of tattoos including:
  • Traditional
  • Old & New school
  • Tribal Full color Sleeves
  • Back pieces
  • Portraits
  • And more…
You think it. We ink it!

Do you draw custom tattoos?

Of course! The Canvas Tattoo Studio artists are happy to create a custom drawing for those who have put down the required deposit and who are having their tattoos done at a Canvas Tattoo studio.

What is your tattoo touch up policy?

The Canvas Tattoo Studio offers free touch ups for up to one year after receiving a tattoo, as long as it is due to normal circumstances and the tattoo was originally done at one of the Canvas Tattoo locations. Touch ups will be done by the original artist only.

What are the age requirements to get a tattoo?

Anybody receiving a tattoo must be at least 18 years of age and show proof of age using one of the following acceptable forms of valid government issued identification:
  • State Issued ID/Driver’s License
  • Passport
When do I need to pay my deposit? A minimum deposit of $50 is due immediately upon scheduling an appointment to hold your place on the schedule. Larger tattoos may require a deposit of $100. What is the refund policy?

The Canvas Tattoo Studio does not offer refunds.