Jerome James (JJ) founded the first Canvas Tattoo Studio in July of 2005. It was the first tattoo shop to open within the city limits of Prior Lake, MN. Then in 2008, he teamed up with his brother Leroy Jones, to open up Eden Prairie’s first tattoo shop which they currently run together.

JJ, wanted to introduce a new way of viewing the tattoo industry, and its artists, than in its typical (only bad people get tattooed) stereotype, it previously has had. He wanted to express a different side to this creative form of expression. People get tattooed for many different reasons, today, whether it’s to memorialize a loved one who had passed on, to showing the pain they have gone through, to get where they are at today. Being tattooed today is simply a way to express one’s self!

The shops maintain a clean, friendly and inviting environment with the warm feeling of being at home. The Canvas Tattoo Studio takes great pride in customer service and making sure that everyone that walks through our doors has an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

The Canvas Tattoo Studio is a Custom tattoo shop, but for those who don’t know where to begin at in getting they’re first or next tattoo, we do have a nice selection of designs and wall art to look at and use for inspiration.

The Studio’s offer you Award Winning Tattoo Artist’s specializing in a wide array of tattooing, ranging from Black and Gray, to fully saturated color pieces, portrait work, bio-mech, etc. Also, offering you exceptional Body Piercing Artist’s specializing in the simple Belly Button piercing, to the complicated Dermal Anchors and Surface Piercings.